Florette, it’s all about Taste!

That’s why every day we work tirelessly to create fresh prepared salads and vegetables that are packed full of fantastic flavour. We only grow our produce in conditions that maximise the taste, and we chill within 4 hours of harvest to capture that freshness and flavour, ready to be unlocked by you in every meal.

Tastiness demands freshness, which is why we’ve made it a key priority and it’s why every Florette product comes with a Freshness Guarantee (or your money back).

Our in-house chefs are constantly experimenting, innovating and combining our delicious ingredients to bring you a variety of products that will make your taste buds tingle.

Florette Rainbow Crunchy Salad Bag

Our dedication to taste doesn’t stop there, our chefs also develop hundreds of recipes that perfectly match our products and seek to inspire and delight you.

We know that you love exciting, flavoursome salads, but that more often than not you end up making really basic and boring ones, because you don’t have the time or the inspiration to make one you’d really savour.

Our Recipes graphic on top of halloumi salad