Florette Fright Halloween Competition


Happy Halloween ladies and gentlemen! Here’s how to get involved in our competition where you could win £50 worth of Netflix vouchers!

It’s Halloween! Or Halloweekend, where the ghouls and ghosties of the underworld return to earth for a night of spooking, eating sweets and partying. This year Florette is celebrating the holidays in cinematic fashion with a spooky social media competition…
Turns out the Florette sun has got himself into a series of sticky situations and has got caught up in the spidery reels and frames of 80s and 90s Halloween movies. The only way to free him from his cinematic prison is by speaking the name of the movie he’s entombed within. We need you to help us identify the spooky flick! If you’re correct, you’ll be greatly rewarded with a £50 Netflix Voucher (that’s basically 6 months of Netflix for free!) so you can enjoy your favourite spooky flicks, TV shows and documentaries!

The Rules

1) Follow Florette on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts so you can find this weekend’s Halloween posts in your feed.
2) Like and retweet (or share) the post (you can just like via Instagram)
3) Identify which movie the Florette sun has found himself in and reply/comment with the correct movie title using the hashtag #FloretteFright and #Halloween

The Winners

There will be four scenes posted over the Halloween weekend on:
Friday 28th October
Saturday 29th October
Sunday 30th October
Monday 31st October

There will be one winner per scene for each day. The winners will be selected at random from those who answer correctly and follow the rules. They will be announced on Tuesday 1st November along with a reveal of the correct answers.

The Prize

The four winners will each win a £50 Netflix voucher and shall be contacted via social media for their details. In the meantime, why not check out Florette’s top scary movies on Netflix!
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