Agrial Fresh Produce Ltd Gender Pay reporting

We are an employer required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. The information below is based on the requirement date of 5th April 2018.

Our overall mean gender pay gap is 12.9%

Pay Information

Mean hourly pay difference between male and female employees12.9%
Median hourly pay difference between male and female employees9.20%

Agrial Fresh Produce Ltd’s gender pay gap is lower than the National Average of 17.9%. The factory team are paid the same rate according to which job they do. There is no difference between the rates paid to men and women. Night workers receive an uplift on the day rate. As the night teams are predominantly male this contributes towards the median hourly pay difference. Due to acquisitions the scope of employees covered by the gender pay gap has increased.

Gender split – pay quartiles

Gender split Lower QuartileLow Mid QuartileUpper Mid QuartileUpper QuartileTotal

The pay quartiles above show the proportion of male and female employees in each of the quartile pay bands. At entry level the split between male and female is fairly even. At a senior level there is a higher representation of males versus females. This is an area of focus for the business to continue to ensure both male and females have equal access to senior roles

Bonus information

Mean bonus difference between male and female employees15.5%
Median bonus difference between male and female employees-23.9%
Percentage of men and women who were paid bonus pay within a 12 month period83%

Bonuses based on Key Performance Indicators are paid to the majority of employees. This proportion has reduced due to acquisitions.
Mean bonus difference is related to higher percentage of male employees in upper quartile roles, however the median is in favour of females

What have we done so far

The Company has worked with the KornFerry to undertake a job evaluation programme across all sites to enable us to assess the value of each role in the business. These roles have then been pay benchmarked and this data used when promoting, recruiting and at annual pay review time.
We have flexible working options to enable work life balance and retain individuals in the work place.

What we are doing next

We are actively looking at ways to address the gender split throughout the business.
As a Company we want to employ the best person for the job and pay competitive rates to attract talent.
I confirm the information published above is accurate.
D. Robertson, Managing Director