Beetroot & Parma Ham salad

Beetroot Recipes: Amazing Ways To Use Beetroot

We are proud and incredibly excited to release our brand new line of Beetroot pouches!  Our beetroot is steamed, fresh and contains no vinegar – it carries a deliciously sweet and natural flavour. We also recognised the issues that many of you had with beetroot packaging and designed a resealable […]

Holiday Season Recipes: French, Italian and Greek recipes

The Summer Holidays are in full swing! To celebrate the holiday season, we’ve collated a range of salad recipes that originate from many different parts of the world so you can experience the wonderful tastes of these cultures whether you’re travelling this summer or not. All of these dishes are […]

BBQ Salad Recipes

What better way to spend a summer’s day than gathering round the barbecue with family and friends? Salad is an excellent and complimentary side dish to a number of BBQ dishes such as burgers, chicken and ribs, however, there are many ways that you can use Florette salad at the […]

Always Made With Sunshine

At Florette, we love sunshine – it’s our secret ingredient! We recognise the importance of the relationship between sunshine and fresh, delicious salad which is why we work hard to ensure sunshine is packed into every fresh bag of Florette. Our team of leafologists and farmers locate the best growing […]