Sleep Better: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Snooze

Made With Sunshine’ is our motto when it comes to growing salad, however, the night time is just as important to us when it comes to well-being. Sleep should be held in the same height of importance as fitness and eating, however, it is a neglected and under-appreciated cycle by many people. According to The Independent two-thirds of British people consider themselves to be deprived of sleep.
Do you know how much sleep you’re meant to be getting every night? The average adult is meant to get around 7-9 hours kip, whereas teenagers and children are meant to be getting an hour or so more. To ensure you gain the maximum amount of hours sleep, here are a few tips to set in place.

Become Attuned To A Regular Sleep Pattern

Planning your sleeping hours can be incredibly beneficial to the success of your snooze. Once you begin and get used to a routine the process will begin to get easier and easier, eventually you’ll be able to switch the alarm clock off for good; you’ll rise naturally instead.
Improve sleep: 5 easy ways

Avoid The Screen Before Bed

Whether it be your laptop, TV or phone it’s advised to avert eyes from the screen for about an hour before bed. The presence of various artificial lights which litter our homes in the modern day disturbs the circadian rhythm (otherwise known as the ‘body clock’) by blurring the lines between the day and night. Feast your eyes on a book, or listen to something instead.

Be sure that you’re sleeping comfortably

It may seem simple, but a good supportive bed is hugely important to a fantastic sleep cycle. It’s easy to get used to a bed which you may not realise is badly affecting your sleep, switching to a new one can drastically improve your quality of shut-eye.

Blackout your room

Try and keep your room as dark as possible, light unsettles a sleep hormone called melatonin which relaxes your body whilst you’re snoozing. You’ll find you sleep much better in the pitch black without the disturbance of light.

Develop a soothing bedtime ritual

Find something which makes you relax and repeat daily before climbing into bed. This allows us to draw the line between the relaxing mood of sleep and the more active mind-set during the day, this kind of preparation will allow you to fall into a deeper sleep for longer.
So, there you have it – a handful of incredibly helpful practices to integrate into your sleep routine. Get involved and watch your mood, motivation and energy levels soar. Looking for some meal inspiration too? Be sure to feast your eyes on the Florette recipe archive.