Always Made With Sunshine

At Florette, we love sunshine – it’s our secret ingredient! We recognise the importance of the relationship between sunshine and fresh, delicious salad which is why we work hard to ensure sunshine is packed into every fresh bag of Florette. Our team of leafologists and farmers locate the best growing areas for each variety based on their years of experience growing delicious leaves, and sometimes this dedication requires a little travelling!

Our leaves are grown on UK soil for the duration of the summer, however, in order to fulfill our promise all year around, we turn to several sun-kissed spots in Southern Europe, because if you want fresh, delicious tasting salad, you have to grow where the sun goes. From October, we chase the sun to several regions of France, Spain and Italy where our leaves are lovingly grown until March. We then work our way back to the UK in March in time for the UK season to begin in May.
We grow 13 salad varieties in glorious sunshine throughout the year to fill our mixed bags – find out about the leaves we grow and what makes them so special in our Salad School!
Follow the Florette ‘Always Made With Sunshine’ adventure in the video below: