Beetroot & Parma Ham salad

Beetroot Recipes: Amazing Ways To Use Beetroot

We are proud and incredibly excited to release our brand new line of Beetroot pouches!  Our beetroot is steamed, fresh and contains no vinegar – it carries a deliciously sweet and natural flavour. We also recognised the issues that many of you had with beetroot packaging and designed a resealable pouch that helps you to use and store beets with ease and minimal mess. Alongside salad, we love the possibilities that beetroot has to offer when it comes to getting creative in the kitchen and cooking delicious dishes. Here are some several ways you can take advantage of the fantastic versatility beetroot has to offer!

Serve it hot…

Beetroot can be used in a variety of cooked meals. This recipe guides you through the process of creating unique, delicious beetroot + potato rostis – this example demonstrates how you can use salmon and poached egg to make a fantastic treat.
Check out the full beetroot and potato rosti with salmon & egg recipe here.

Make something savoury…

Beetroot offers a tonne of opportunities when it comes to savoury dishes. Here’s one of our favourites – Beetroot Hummus with Olive Bruschetta – these may be small in size but they’re packed full of vibrant flavours. This method melds zesty beetroot hummus with paprika; a wonderfully complementary topping for the delicious olive bread sitting beneath.
Here’s the full Beetroot Hummus with Olive Bruschetta recipe here.

Serve it cold…

Beetroot can of course be eaten cold as well. If you want to try out beetroot in the chilled fashion then this beautiful Beetroot Salad Niçoise dish is the perfect way! It’s full of great flavour and filling ingredients such as beetroot chunks, tuna, eggs and a healthy spread of vegetables. This one is great for parties or whenever you need to feed people in bulk.

Make something sweet

Although generally associated with savoury dishes, beetroot is also a great ingredient to use when it comes to making something sweet! Here’s a fantastic chocolate brownie recipe using beetroot – the veg adds a fantastic flavour and a soft, slightly moist consistency. Check out the full Flourless Beetroot Chocolate Brownie recipe here.

Find out more about Florette Beetroot. Here, you’ll also be able to discover more beetroot recipes and locate stockists near you.