An open letter to Dracula

Dear Dracula! We hope you’re well and looking forward to Halloween – busy time of year for you after all. We’ve been having a little think about things and decided to get in touch with you through this open letter draculaand see if you might consider a lifestyle change.
When’s the last time you stopped and thought about your diet? All those thousands of years on an all-blood diet must be playing havoc on your insides and your own blood pressure probably isn’t great either.
At Florette we want everyone to feel good, even if they are bloodsucking monsters (no offence). It’s never too late to turn things around so thought we would get in touch and let you know why you might want to consider having a salad every now and then – we’ll give you a pass on the garlic.

Good for your skin

We guess since you can’t see yourself in mirrors you don’t know how pale you are! Eating salads and veggies are great for your skin and although you may never have a healthy glow, you still want to look your best, right? As well as increasing hydration levels, salads contain Carotenoids (with anti-inflammatory properties) Beta Carotene (helps firm up skin) and Flavonoids.
Best yet for undead folk who are a little sensitive to the sun, salads contain Vitamins C and E which can help resistance against sunburn and ultraviolet rays to prevent skin cancer.

Gets you that fibre!

Let’s face it – you’re probably in discomfort a lot of the time and it’s probably down to the fibre (or lack of!) in your diet. Not only does having fibre help control blood sugars and curb hunger, it also helps you control your weight and plays a part in preventing heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers.
These aren’t probably issues for you, but better safe than sorry, right? Plus immortality with a stomach-ache doesn’t sound like fun.

Control your weight!

We all put on a little weight as we get older and seeing as you’ve got thousands of years under your belt, you might want to start considering your calories. If you do find yourself flying less and getting tired quicker, salads are a great way to lose a little weight and feel better for it. Since they are loaded with fibre and protein (when you add meat of course) you can chow down on more of it and feel fuller for longer! Here are some low calorie recipes for you to consider.

Ready in a jiffy!

We understand that being gothic nobility and king of the vampires means you’re probably stuck for time. That’s probably why you rely on a quick drink of the red stuff instead of taking the time to chop up some greens. Salads are actually a super-convenient way of having delicious, satisfying meals wherever you go that have minimal fuss. We have a whole bunch of quick salad recipes for you to prepare and take with you the next time you’re off to torment the local hamlets

Get those healthy fats

Having healthy dietary fats, even as a vampire can help you absorb the nutrients in your salad and help your heart stay fit and strong against pesky stakes. Drizzle a bit of olive oil and add a bunch of sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts to your crunchy creation and even consider making a lovely creamy dressing from mashed avocados. As well as helping you absorb all that lovely nutrition, healthy fats help to lower blood pressure and contain essential vitamin E and Selenium.
So there you go! We know this is going to take a bit of an effort on your part but we truly believe you’ll love the results. All we ask is that you try! Please don’t come kill us.
Much love and Happy Halloween from your buddies at Florette.