BBQ Salad Recipes

What better way to spend a summer’s day than gathering round the barbecue with family and friends? Salad is an excellent and complimentary side dish to a number of BBQ dishes such as burgers, chicken and ribs, however, there are many ways that you can use Florette salad at the heart of your dishes. Here are some of our favourite Florette salad recipes which could fit incredibly well into the BBQ setting:

BBQ pork ribs, apple and fennel slaw, Florette Mixed leaf salad

This brand new recipe is designed for the BBQ grill! The ribs are seasoned with a mixture of sugar and smoked paprika which allows some deliciously unique flavours to emerge throughout the cooking process. If that wasn’t enough, the accompaniment of an apple and fennel slaw and side of Florette Mixed Leaf Lettuce really is the cherry on the cake! Delicious and easy to produce in bulk!

Minted Lamb Burger with Yogurt & Mint Slaw

This tasty burger recipe is an excellent way of using our brand new Yogurt & Mint Slaw mixed bags. This places lamb at the centre of the recipe and mixes it with tomato and slaw wedged in between 2 golden brioche buns. If you’re a fan of spice, why not add a dash of chilli seasoning to the mix? The cooling flavours of yogurt and mint slaw work as a great relief and contradiction to these spicy flavours!

Chunky Rocket Salsa With Steak & Wedges

Steak tastes so much better after being barbecued, the meats laps up the flames to give it a fantastic chargrilled effect. This recipe blends the steak in with a chunky rocket salsa which holds an abundance of flavours including red onion and red chilli which is doused with red wine vinegar and light brown sugar providing a unique and tantalising taste. The method also demonstrates how you can create a stack of fluffy wedges with crispy skins.

Prawn and Avocado wrap with Thai Sweet Chilli slaw               

Another recipe using our brand new Florette Slaw mixes – this method uses Thai sweet chilli slaw which delightfully plays with the tasty centre made up of prawns and avocado. This recipe uses cooked prawns but can always be translated to the BBQ setting by using regular or king prawns instead, you’ll still experience the same delicious taste combination!

Superfood and summer Fruits smoothie

A proper BBQ needs a cool refreshing drink to wash your fabulous food down with. This superfood & summer fruits smoothie is perfect – equally cooling as it is flavoursome! All you need is a blender on hand with some fresh strawberries, raspberries, coconut water, a juice of lime and a pack of Florette Superfood Salad.