Why Breakfast Is So Important

Baby kale breakfast smoothieOk, so the phrase ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is pretty much a cliché now; we’ve all been told this at some point, and even though we would love to eat something tasty in the morning, there simply might not be any time, or you may be trying to cut down on the calories. Better to skip it entirely and wait until lunch, right? Well…it turns out that breakfast is actually pretty important, and as fans of feeling good we felt that it was our duty to tell you why!

Feel happier!

Granted, most of us probably aren’t morning people, but whether or not you have breakfast can actually determine how much of a funk you’re in during the mornings. By skipping breakfast, we aren’t giving our bodies the initial boost it needs to get us properly going, as well as balancing blood sugars, which will just keep us feeling tired and cranky until we finally get to eat something!

Watching your weight?

Some people think that skipping breakfast helps with weight loss, whereas the opposite might actually be true. By avoiding breakfast you’re going to be extremely hungry when it comes to lunchtime and may end up eating more as a result. Then there’s your metabolism – if you haven’t eaten since last night, your body is going to start storing calories, when of course you want to be burning them instead!

Feel laser-focused!

Whether you’re at work or getting along with your morning, you don’t want to constantly be aware of how hungry you are! By having a healthy breakfast every morning you can focus on the things that matter and be ready for a good lunch at the end of it all. Also, breakfast gives our bodies and brain essential energy to function, so depriving them of food is not going to leave you feeling particularly alert!

Seize the day!

If you feel tired in the morning, you’re only going to feel more tired if you don’t have breakfast. Eating healthy foods such as fruits and wholegrains not only give our bodies essential nutrition, but get us up and ready to go in the morning. Eating in the morning helps balance our blood sugar which prevents us from feeling the dreaded ‘slump’ between mealtimes.