Cracking Christmas salads

As the saying goes; if you can’t treat yourself at Christmas then when can you? That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite selection of festive treats to serve up alongside your Christmas feast, or make for a delicious main meal to impress some guests over the holiday season.

Turkey Breast Caesar Salad »

Turkey might be the crowning jewel on the Christmas dinner table, but it also makes for a tasty twist on a classic Caesar Salad. Lean in fat and big on taste, the combination of juicy turkey meat and crispy, crunchy salad makes this a fulfilling festive meal. Give your salad an extra burst of flavour by adding sweet Caesar dressing made with a blend of delicate anchovies and fragrant garlic and lemon.

Stilton, Pear & Walnut Salad »

The perfect sumptuous starter to a festive feast, try our Stilton, Pear & Walnut Salad for a light by punchy first course. Add crumbly stilton to your tender salad leaves together with juicy pear slices and crunchy walnuts for a savoury and sweet bas. Season with a generous sprinkle of fresh parsley and drizzle over a mix of balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and a dash of olive oil for the final product.

Left Over Turkey Salad With Diced Apples »

Ditch the leftover sandwiches this year and instead try out Turkey Salad with Diced Apples, a great-tasting a healthy way to use up the Boxing Day leavings. Give your leftover turkey some delicious company by adding wholesome sunflower seeds, delicious raisins and juicy apples to a bed of crispy salad leaves. For the dressing combine mayonnaise, lemon juice and a drop of water for a light and refreshing dressing that’s complimented perfectly by a cold glass of dry white wine.

Christmas Cranberry & Feta Salad »

Cranberry is the cornerstone of any Christmas so give this seasonal salad a try. Add diced juicy tomatoes to delicately sliced onion and delicately sprinkle chunks of feta cheese to give the base a sweet and savoury depth. For the dressing combine a dash of oil, touch of mustard and a drizzle of vinegar before coating the whole shebang with a generous helping of juicy cranberries.