Crazy Salad Ingredients You Never Thought To Use!

Salad is a terrific base harnessing the ability to mix incredibly well with an abundance of flavours. We’ve all heard of the classic chicken ceaser, greek salad and niçoise salad but how about something a little different? Here at Florette we’ve been mustering up some brilliantly unique flavours and ingredients which you can experiment with on your next bag – check out these crazy salad ideas to get your leaves tasting unusual, unique and delicious:
Crazy Salad Ingredients


Many fruits mix incredibly well with salad and provide a sweet juxtaposition to the green leaves, fruits such as apricots, strawberries, mangos and the more zesty types work incredibly well. Sweet flavours in main meals are seldom seen but the combination is next to none especially if you’re preparing to impress at a party. Why not start out with our Strawberry Carpaccio Salad here.


The sweet creaminess of coconut is an excellent addition to a variety of salad dishes particularly in the spicy category. Coconut spins another style of consistency into the traditional mix of greens with its crumbling sweetness and cooling qualities – you can present it in shavings, gratings or chunks. Try this approach with our Spicy Sweet Potato Salad recipe!


For the grown-ups only! You can concoct dressings with a slight alcoholic kick to put a spin on the flavours. There are plenty of ideas to dive into here including adding tequila which bodes well with zesty flavours as well as vodka which is an approach used in Finnish cuisine – white wine vinaigrette is another renowned alcoholic accomplice to salad which always goes down well!


A drizzle of honey atop your salad never goes amiss, the sticky consistency blends whatever ingredients you’ve paired together in sweet style and offers a completely different feel to the crunchy leaves.  Pecan and cashew nuts come across incredibly well with honey. Be careful not to pour too much and drown it out- it’s a beautiful addition only in light servings.


As an awesome addition to a sweet salad you can add a little cocoa powder into your dressing – whether it be balsamic or a vinaigrette, this blend sees sweet and sour colliding in a beautifully indulgent drizzle atop your Florette leaves.