Feeling Good – Brilliant Natural Nutrition In Lettuce

It’s no secret that we love lettuce, but we have our reasons! Lettuce is super nutritious with its delicious, fresh and crisp leaves that are low in calories, as well as containing a whole bunch of essential daily nutrients to keep you happy inside and out. As well as being really healthy, it’s also really versatile and can be used in everything from salads, soups, sarnies and juices. So what exactly makes it so good? Read on!

Waistline friendly

Lettuce contains only 15 calories per 100 grams and very little fat; it also has a low glycaemic index (GI), perfect for watching your weight and blood sugars, keeping you fuller for longer.

Skin happy

Leafy greens will keep your skin looking fresh and is a powerful natural oxidant to protect against free radicals that damage your skin. It’s also one of the few foods which can be found organic and prewashed for you to eat straight away, ready for you to enjoy hassle-free.

Increase your fibre

By eating healthier foods, this will help you to feel revitalised and have more energy. Salads will help towards your daily recommended amount of fibre which can help to reduce cholesterol. What’s more, eating fibre friendly foods will also help you maintain your weight, as you will feel fuller for longer so, make sure to add some vegetables to your salad for that extra fibre goodness. As if that wasn’t enough, a high fibre diet can also help prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and some cancers.

Increase your greens

First it was five a day, and now it might be as high as seven! If you’re looking to up your fruit and veg portions, lettuce is here to help! It’s all a numbers game, and the more fruit and veg you eat, the more natural nutrition you’re giving your body! Also, as lettuce is served raw, you don’t reduce some of the nutrients which are lost in the cooking process.

Salads can be exciting!

There is no end to the amount of salad dressings, leaves and recipes available. Start with some delicious wild rocket, spinach or green romaine and add a variety of colourful vegetables for a visually satisfying healthy meal. We eat food with our eyes and salads have varied textures, shapes and colours with the option for lots of different combinations. Add some Quinoa, goat’s cheese or a maple and lime dressing for mouth-watering salad taste.
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