Four Food Myths Debunked!


All carbs are bad! Carrots are grumpy! Microwaves are mind-control machines! Ok, so the last two we made up, but there are a lot of misconceptions about food out there, so we thought we could clear up a couple that get our goat just a little bit.


Carbs are evil

This is a popular one, and is only half right. You do need to avoid some carbs – the bad type! White bread, pasta, rice and refined sugar can lead to weight gain and don’t provide much quality nutrition, but don’t ditch the carbs entirely. Our bodies need them for many things, including giving us the energy we need to move around and function, so they are pretty important. Opt for wholegrain alternatives instead such as brown rice, bread and pasta and enjoy feeling fuller for longer.

Fat Free and low fat foods are good

If you are out shopping and see packaging that boasts ‘low fat’ or ‘fat free’, it pays to be a little careful. When food manufactures remove certain ingredients (such as those that are high in fat) they usually fill the gap with something else so that it still tastes good. This is usually sugar and salt, which of course isn’t good for you in large amounts, so make sure you check the packaging to see if these are within good levels.

Microwaves zap nutrition

Ok, so no one is completely sure how these things work, but the popular notion that they somehow ‘kill’ the nutrition in food is a myth! In truth, All microwaves do is heat things up like any other cooking method, so go ahead and use it without worry (as long as you use microwave-safe containers of course). On the flipside, it can actually go some way to preserving nutrients. For instance, vitamin C begins to break down when exposed to heat, no matter what cooking method is used. Since microwaves take a lot less time, there’s less time to destroy the nutrition!

Frozen or bagged veggies just aren’t as good!

If you are wondering about the nutrition credential of frozen or bagged veggies, don’t worry! They are still just as healthy as freshly picked equivalents, and are a bit easier to get as well unless you happen to have a farm in your back garden. For instance, our bagged salads get from ground to supermarket shelves in 24 hours, so don’t worry about the freshness!