Four Sensational Super Seeds

Just like books and covers, you can’t judge foods by their size! Sure, seeds look pretty small when compared to an apple, but they can actually pack quite a nutritional punch when you take a closer look. They are also really versatile and can be anything from a snack through to a valuable addition to salads and main meals. There are a lot of seeds out there, but the following are a few that are truly super…

Three cheers for chia!

High in magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, iron and fibre, Chia seeds are low in calories but high in nutrition! chia-seeds An ancient dietary staple of the Mayans, Chia seeds have exploded in popularity as a food supplement and can be instrumental as part of a healthy diet. The best part is that they can be added to a whole bunch of foods as they do not have a strong flavour, so feel free to add them to smoothies, salads and other foods as you see fit!

Pumpkin perfection

Pumpkin seeds (also known with the adorable name of pepitas) are packed with protein, iron, zinc magnesium and an amino acid by the name of tryptophan, which has been linked with lowering anxiety. 4808722_pumpkinThey also contain the good kind of fatty acids that help lower levels of bad cholesterol and keeps blood vessels nice and healthy. As far as eating pumpkin seeds go, you can snack on these straight out of the bag or add them to trail mixes or granola bars.

Fantastic flax

Want the facts on flax? Well, these nutty-flavoured 15860679_sflaxlittle wonders are rich in all the good stuff, including soluble fibre, which not only keeps you fuller for longer but also help stabilise blood sugar levels.Flax seeds can be quite hard so they will need to be ground down before added to your food, or they might pass through your body without even being digested! Add them to smoothies, shakes, yoghurts or tasty baked treats.

Splendid sunflower

Sunflowers are not only cheery, but their seeds are also quite amazing too!4808726_sunflowerThey have a nice, nutty taste and contain selenium, which plays an important role in controlling cell damage. They also have a good dose of calcium (great for bones and teeth) and are loaded with antioxidants which have fantastic anti-inflammatory properties. They are super-easy to eat and can be eaten by the handful straight out of the bag, or added to salads, stir-fries and homemade granola bars.
So there you have it! These are just a few examples of super seeds – pomegranate, hemp (yup!), sesame and wheat germ are also super-good for you, so the next time you’re at the shops, grab a bag and get munching!