Always Made With Sunshine: British, French, Spanish and Italian Recipes

You may have noticed some changes around here, and you’d be totally correct! We’ve changed our image to reflect the fundamental ingredient which sits at the centre of all of our salads; which is sunshine! Our salad is always made with sunshine and when it disappears we chase it! But where to you may ask? When our leaves are unable to grow in Britain when Autumn hits we move to France and then to several regions of Spain and Italy in time for the winter. To celebrate our new site, we’ve rounded up our favourite French, Spanish, Italian and English recipes in this nifty blog post. Read on to follow our Journey in food!


For the duration of the summer where the sun remains high in the sky for longer hours, our salad is grown on UK shores.

Queen-oa Feta and Strawberry Salad

Our Queen-oa Feta and Strawberry salad recipe wonderfully reflects the British summertime where our salad prospers in the homeland! This recipe was in fact created in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations last year and contains many quintessential English ingredients with a summer twist. The fruity flavours of strawberry and pomegranate mingle with Florette Superfood Salad, quinoa and pumpkin seeds before being topped off with a drizzle of honey and wine vinegar based dressing. Delicious!
Queen-oa Salad Recipe


When the colder days begin to draw in around October time is where our journey starts… We start by following the sun to France where we grow our salad for the remainder of the Autumn season.

Camembert with Roast Garlic, Lambs Lettuce & Chard

This recipe is a real treat. It places the soft and slightly sweet flavour of the classic French cheese Camembert in the center and accompanies it with garlic and Florette Duo Lambs Lettuce & Chard leaves. It also guides you through the process of baking the cheese to perfection so that the warm oozing camembert can mingle with the salad leaves.

Spain and Italy

By the time winter hits, we need even more sun which won’t be found in the cooling shores of France come winter, so we grow our leaves in the more southerly regions of Spain and Italy.

Almond, Rocket & Parma Ham Crostinis

Almond, Rocket & Parma Ham Recipe
Crostinis are of Italian origin but have become a staple Spanish tapas dish. This particular recipe demonstrates how to create a delicious paste out of rocket salad, garlic, almonds and Parmesan cheese which complements the parma ham and fresh slice of French Baguette. Ideal for starters and nibbles!

Pizza with Peppercress Salad Leaves Recipe

Nothing screams Italian food more than a pizza! This recipe not only offers you a great method for creating a pizza from scratch but also makes some fantastic flavoursome suggestions for toppings which include mascarpone, parma ham and mushrooms.