Get Those Rays! The Health Benefits Of Sunlight

Ahh, you feel that? Sunshine! The weather has been really great recently (unless you’re at the North Pole in which case we apologise) and we have finally traded the coats and scarves for shades and shorts.
It’s no secret that sunshine is a good thing. For one thing, without it the whole world would be a pitch-black arctic tundra devoid of life, so that’s pretty handy, but on a less cosmic level our bodies love it too! What is it about sunshine that makes us all so happy, and why do we feel so good when we are out there soaking those golden rays.


It boosts our immune system

When we are out in sunlight, our bodies get busy and start making vitamins which are great for keeping us feeling healthy and happy. After just a few minutes in the sun, we begin to create Vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones and fighting infections. If we didn’t get sunshine, we would feel weaker and be more prone to illness, so get out there and make some vitamins!

It encourages us to be active

When it’s lovely outside, we are a lot more likely to leave the house and have some fun! Whether that’s chucking a Frisbee, kicking a ball around, going for a jog or enjoying a nice walk, the sun brings the fun. Also, the more active we are, the better we feel – don’t overdo it though! If you’re going outside and running around, stay hydrated!

It makes us happy!

For most of us (except perhaps broody artistic types), a bright and cheery day just makes us feel good. Our psychological wellbeing is linked to our biological health, so all of that vitamin D and time outside has a positive effect on how we feel overall. There’s just a simple pleasure to be had when we are out and about, seeing all of the colours of the world in all their glory and seeing everyone else in a good mood. You just don’t get that when it’s dark and rainy!
We could go on all day about why sunshine is amazing, but you get the idea. If you’re out and enjoying the sunlight, make sure you have enough water, as well as some protection such as a hat and sunscreen if it’s super-hot. Summertime is great for picnics as well, so why not check out our Summer Salad Recipes and get yourself out onto that soft green grass and soak up some rays!