Green And Crispy! How To Keep Your Salad Fresh

Whether you’re making a light-lunch, seasonal supper or simply a super healthy snack, there’s nothing worse than preparing your meal only to discover that your salad has seen far better days.
To get the most from a salad it’s crucial to keep our leafy green friends fresh or risk good food expiring early when it really doesn’t have to. If you’re struggling to keep your veg in tip-top shape then listen up, because by following these steps three simple steps you can have longer-lasting, great tasting salad!

Three steps to salad success:

1) Get your fridge right first!

It’s easy to assume that a fridge will do all the work keeping a salad in great condition, but whilst they help to keep food stay cool and fresh, if the temperature and humidity levels are not set correctly then your bin could be filling up far quicker than expected.
To give your salad the best chance of survival then make sure to keep a level balance between the temperature and humidity; fail to do this and you’ll be opening your fridge to frosty greens or limp veg.

2) Learn some vegetable hygiene

If you’re finding your salads are spoiling too quickly then chances are you’re not giving them the right amount of love and care early on. Once you’ve purchased your ingredients its important you give them a thorough clean and get rid of any natural dirt the ground left behind.
Most common salad components such as cucumbers and tomatoes come pre-washed, but for leafy greens and lettuce make sure to separate the leaves and soak in a cool bowl of water for the best chance of staying fresh. Even if it’s just a couple of minutes, a little veggie hygiene will go a long way to keep your salad crisp and satisfying! Of course if you use on of our bagged salads, they come pre-washed!

3) Keep dry by toweling off

Moisture, moisture, moisture! The trick to keeping your salad fit, fresh and full of life is to keep it free from moisture, and in this department a trusted paper kitchen towel makes all the difference. Once you’ve washed your salad try to eliminate as much moisture as possible by either thoroughly drying your ingredients with kitchen towel, or for best results sending it through a salad spinner. For days when you’re on the move, place a couple of sheets of paper towel at the top and bottom of your salad to help absorb any moisture, and leave you with a great crunchy taste.
And there you have it! From now on your salads are going to be fresher and crispier than a triple-ironed shirt. Now take your new knowledge, check out our recipes and be salad-happy!