Healthy Recipes: Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food

We all get that inner twitch to reach for junk food from time to time even though we know deep inside that it’s no good for us. We can be indulgent beings but how do we cut out this constant desire to snap up fatty foods?
Well, there are so many different ways to spin a healthy twist into your meals even the unhealthiest of dishes. We’ve found a way for you to scratch that itch in the guise of something a little healthier offering the same satisfaction without the guilt. Salad is a great tool in your culinary arsenal either as a base, side or main ingredient. Here are some ideas to get you started on your healthy junk food journey.


Vegetarian Pizza Recipe

A slice of pizza is the ultimate snack for a lazy night in, ideal in the company of Saturday night movies or as a midweek treat. At its core pizza has potential to be incredibly healthy, however the gloopy cheesy and salty toppings often downgrade the dish to the junk food category – it’s a case of choosing your additions wisely. How about using seeds, pure chopped tomatoes and a sprinkle of salad instead? Another simple way of knocking it into healthier shape is by exchanging the doughy base for flatbread or pittas. Check out Florette’s awesome Vegetable Pesto Flatbread Pizza recipe as a starting point using a delicious bag of Florette Sweet Crispy.

Chips and Dip

Chips and Dips Recipe

This classic snack is often seen at parties beckoning people back again and again with its moreish qualities. The salty tortilla chips and sugar filled salsa makes the original pairing pretty bad for you, these can be easily replaced with the two counterparts exchanged for healthier alternatives. How about taking the enjoyable act of the dunk but using healthier ingredients on both sides? Florette has got the resolution in this Baby Kale, Pea & Gruyere Dip recipe which shows you how to make your own yummy dip whilst using oatcakes instead of chips. Check it out here.


Open Sandwich Salad Recipe

A bite of a hearty sandwich, toastie or bagel around lunchtime or for a breakfast fix is next to none, however it can be bad for you. Again, this can be down to the contents you place in the sandwich as well as butter, mayonnaise and margarine. Many people would think a healthier version of a sandwich would be incredibly dry without the spread contents, however you can knock up some incredible alternatives. Find out how to make some lovely peanut butter in Florette’s Peanut and Peppercress Open Sandwich recipe made up of olive oil, peanuts, honey and garlic. This is paired with a handful of Florette Peppercress nestled on some scrumptious ciabatta. Check it out here.


Sag Aloo Salad Recipe

At its base level chips are pretty bland, its taste is only uplifted in the presence of salt, vinegar and condiments. To spice up your spuds you should look to international influences such as Indian cuisine which uses potatoes in a much more interesting and healthy way. Instead of deep fat frying in the chip format, this Sag Aloo dish is cooked with incredibly nutritious Florette spinach leaves and a much tastier array of ingredients added in the mix.


Healthy Alternatives To Junk Food

Pick ‘n’ mix aisles and counter-top temptations have us eyeing up a range of gummy sweets or chocolates repeatedly. There are ways to soothe that sweet tooth through fruity snacks which are stuffed full of minerals and vitamins. Florette has a great recipe for this purpose which amazingly pairs strawberries with salad leaves. Check out the Strawberry Carpaccio Salad Recipe here, it’s incredibly easy and super speedy! Rustle it up in time for your next cinema trip or sugar crave!