Healthy Recipes for Kids: Back to School Brain Food

Healthy Recipes For Kids
We all remember that back to school feeling. The first weeks of September sees the kids returning to classrooms after a 6 week holiday which used to feel like forever. There’s always a surge of excitement in stepping up to another year or even to a new school, college or university! This fresh feeling needs to be fuelled by brain food which energises, keeps kids focussed enabling them to apply themselves in the best way possible. We’ve cherrypicked some brain food recipes from the Florette archive which are suitable for breakfasts or lunchboxes alike.
This approach is not just for kids, so adults – pay attention too!

Kale, Blueberry and Granola Smoothie Bowl

This delicious recipe throws together a smattering of healthy ingredients to concoct a rich melting pot of nutrition. Blueberries offer a whole bunch of antioxidants  as well as kale which also holds a huge volume of vitamin C – equivalent to that of an orange. As well as holding all these highly nutritious qualities, this dish is incredibly flavoursome particularly with its mixture of consistency in its creamy milky base and crunchy granola topping.

Avocado & Egg Salad on Toast

This recipe is a fantastic breakfast starter to the day. The blend of avocado and egg not only makes for a beautiful consistency but its contents are a supermix of nutritious ingredients perfect for a day or work/school ahead. Avocado is considered to be an almost ‘perfect’ nutritious food retaining essential and healthy fatty acids, as well as a series of vitamins and potassium. Eggs also provide a host of protein, vitamins and minerals all high in volume and quality. Tuck into this delicious dish for max brain productivity!

Chicken and Sundried Tomato Wrap

One for the lunchbox, this tasty recipe is a hearty one with a glorious marriage of flavours between the tangy tomato, chicken and parsley. The sun-dried tomato is not only tasty but rich in minerals and vitamins especially potassium and magnesium. Of course chicken is a go-to source of protein, however it also assists in supporting teeth and bones. Not only this, but this is an incredibly satisfying and filling midday fix for an afternoon of learning ahead.

Roast Chicken Salad with Vegetables

Florette’s flavoursome Peppery Crispy bag meets leftovers in this incredibly nutritious meal ideal for lunchtime. If you find yourself with a few leftover portions of roast after a cosy Sunday then this meal makes for an incredibly easy method with an awesome tasty outcome. It’s simply a case of combining the leftover chicken and potatoes with a roasted red pepper and mix of other vegetables. Pepper itself is an incredibly healthy feature packed full of vitamin C.

Sweet Potato Salad with Quinoa

The key part of this exotic recipe is the sweet potato – an ingredient bursting with health benefits to assist you in your daily routines. Not only does it contain a good dose of vitamins C and D, but it’s also helpful to maintaining a healthy immune system as well as offering relaxation and anti-stress qualities through its magnesium contents. The presence of quinoa also ensures this dish is packed full of heightened nutritious goods – in fact it is considered to be ‘a complete protein’. An absolutely solid addition to the lunchbox.