Healthy Tips for Busy People!

healthytipsHow is it already that late? Well, looks like there’s no time to cook, again! Sound familiar? If so, you’re one of millions who find it difficult to find the time to look after themselves whilst juggling work, life, families and hobbies.
With life being so full of surprises and challenges, adopting and sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be difficult to master. Fear not, we’ve come up with some great tips for you to take better control of what goes into your body no matter what circumstance you find yourself in.

Prep ahead

Being prepared for what life throws at you is always a safe bet – Whilst you don’t have to prepare every meal in advance the week before, it’s a good idea to have some healthy and handy precooked homemade meals in the fridge or freezer for days when cooking is not an option. Whether that’s a batch of winter warming soup you can re-heat or a big bowl of risotto, having meals stored and ready to go will be a lifesaver when you’re pushed for time.

Embrace the power of smoothies

Smoothies are a fantastic way to pack lots of delicious fruits and vegetables into your diet in a quick and easy way. Make sure your fridge is stocked up with nutritious ingredients like bananas, blueberries and kale then blend to your heart’s content. If you’re always on the move, invest in a good sports bottle and take your healthy meal wherever you go! To get started check out our Baby Kale Breakfast Smoothie.

Keep a stash of healthy snacks

When mid-morning hunger strikes its way too easy to pop into a coffee shop and grab a sugary pastry or flapjack. When you’re busy, convenience is the name of the game, so why not make it easy for yourself?
To counter the cravings always keep a healthy stash of snacks close at hand at any given time. Unsalted nuts such as almonds and cashews are brilliant for a protein top-up, whilst veggies such as carrot and cucumber sticks are also great healthy options to see you through till the next meal time.

Multitask to squeeze in some exercise

Being extremely busy doesn’t necessarily mean running around on your feet; those who work at offices find themselves sat down behind a desk for the majority of the day which doesn’t result in much movement.
If you’re one of those people, do what you can to move around. Go to the kitchen and grab some water, take the stairs instead of the lift or try to walk for part of your commute. These are little things, but remember pennies make pounds, so every little helps! These mini breaks also give your mind a little break from a task which is also useful.

Stay hydrated

It’s not news that water is good for you, but when you’re dealing with 1000 things at once it’s easy to forgo a good old-fashioned glass of water. Now that you’re reading this; when was the last time you had a glass?
Keeping hydrated with water will make sure your energy levels remain high, sharpen your concentration and also regulate your digestive system. Then there’s the whole caffeine thing – if you drink lots of tea and coffee you are actually taking water out from your body, so if you like a hot drink or three make sure you get some water in as well!
Hopefully you’ve not been too busy to read this article! For more feelgood advice, why not check out the health benefits of sunshine or how to keep energy levels up at work.