Holiday Season Recipes: French, Italian and Greek recipes

The Summer Holidays are in full swing! To celebrate the holiday season, we’ve collated a range of salad recipes that originate from many different parts of the world so you can experience the wonderful tastes of these cultures whether you’re travelling this summer or not. All of these dishes are perfect food for the summer sunshine – so maybe serve these up in the outdoors and take in those rays.

Butternut Squash and Goats Cheese Lasagne with Superfood Salad

This is our twist on the classic Italian dish! Lasagne simply translates as ‘cooking pot’ and usually finds mince, cheese and pasta in its centre. This version places butternut squash at the centre of attention which is cushioned by the yummy flavours of goat’s cheese and Florette superfood salad. Read the full recipe by clicking on the link above.

Halloumi Salad with Cherry Tomatoes 

This recipe using halloumi from Greek cuisine is a real unique treat and is great to serve up in bulk whether it’s for the family or a filling snack at a party. There are a whole range of ingredients involved in this dish which contributes to its unique and delicious taste. The collision of paprika, black olives and cherry tomatoes makes for an incredibly pleasing taste, which is made even better by the tasty custom dressing include in this method.

Crispy Pork Slices with Crispy Salad

This is a great dish to make in bulk, perfect for when you have a few mouths to feed at a picnic, at a party or BBQ. This lovely dish is packed with fresh and delicious Florette Crispy churned in with egg noodles, mixed veg and a dash of sweet seasoning – easy!
Fun fact: even though noodles are mainly associated with Asian cuisine, the true origin of the food still remains unknown – the earliest acknowledgements of the food have been traced back to China and Italy.

Spicy Saag Aloo with Salad

This classic Indian side dish is usually served to soften the heat from spicy curry mains whilst packing its own subtle spice. Experience the tantalising flavours of chilli, ginger, spuds and spinach delighting your taste buds in this dish along with the moist spinach leaves which blends in beautifully with the fluffy consistency of the spud. This saag aloo is easy to make and acts as a great accomplice to a range of dishes.

Piri-Piri Chicken, Tomato and Florette Baby Leaf Wrap

Piri-piri sauce originates from Portuguese cuisine and is now a prevalent ingredient in many cultures throughout Africa. This beautiful wrap combines piri-piri chicken in with tomatoes, Florette baby leaf lettuce and red onion which work together to form complementary flavours and textures. It’s incredibly easy to make and great for a lunch time fix when you’re on the move.

All of these yummy recipes are from the Florette Salad Recipes page which you can explore for a huge range of meal ideas under different cuisines, cooking styles and ingredients. We’ve also created another post with a great range of BBQ Salad Recipes which are equally perfect for the summertime.