Always Made With Sunshine

At Florette, we love sunshine – it’s our secret ingredient! We recognise the importance of the relationship between sunshine and fresh, delicious salad which is why we work hard to ensure sunshine is packed into every fresh bag of Florette. Our team of leafologists and farmers locate the best growing […]

Super Nutrition: Florette Healthy Salad Recipes

In celebration of Florette Super Nutrition Month, we’ve decided to breakdown our most nutritious salad recipes featuring on the site. Salad holds a plethora of nutritional qualities in their leaves making it the perfect and handy base/side for anybody looking to boost their volume and scope of healthy meals. Check […]

Florette Smoothie Recipe Videos

Our brand new Florette smoothie packs seem to have been going down incredibly well with our salad lovers!   In case you’ve missed them, we created two smoothie recipe videos using our brand new mixes with the help of foodie blogger Nathalie Alexander. Our smoothie mixes are designed to be […]

New Florette Smoothie Mixes: Smoothie Recipes & Benefits

We’re super excited and proud to introduce a brand new member of the Florette family – get to know Florette Smoothie mixes here! This particular member walks with a different stride to the wider range – these mixes are designed to be the delicious and nutritional heart of your smoothie […]

Valentine's Day 2017: Healthy, Romantic Salad Recipes

It’s that time of year where cards, flowers and chocolates are exchanged with loved ones, however, this year we’re looking to adjust the aim of your affections inwards to yourself. It’s incredibly important to look after yourself and your body. There’s that old saying “treat your body like a temple” […]

Reducing Food Waste with Florette Servicons, Since 2015

In 2015, Florette took a stand against the growing food waste problem we’re facing in the UK. Food waste contributes to global warming and deforestation significantly. More food wasted, more food packaging wasted – it’s simple as that. This problem can be alleviated by taking a couple of small considerate […]