Florette Smoothie Recipe Videos

Our brand new Florette smoothie packs seem to have been going down incredibly well with our salad lovers!   In case you’ve missed them, we created two smoothie recipe videos using our brand new mixes with the help of foodie blogger Nathalie Alexander. Our smoothie mixes are designed to be […]

Valentine's Day 2017: Healthy, Romantic Salad Recipes

It’s that time of year where cards, flowers and chocolates are exchanged with loved ones, however, this year we’re looking to adjust the aim of your affections inwards to yourself. It’s incredibly important to look after yourself and your body. There’s that old saying “treat your body like a temple” […]

Reducing Food Waste with Florette Servicons, Since 2015

In 2015, Florette took a stand against the growing food waste problem we’re facing in the UK. Food waste contributes to global warming and deforestation significantly. More food wasted, more food packaging wasted – it’s simple as that. This problem can be alleviated by taking a couple of small considerate […]

Chinese New Year 2017: Easy, Healthy Chinese Salad Recipes

Just one month after the Western New Year frivolities comes the Chinese New Year, and with it another zodiac symbol…this year, it’s the Rooster’s turn! So, what are the characteristics of those born in the year of the Rooster? First of all, it’s more specifically referred to as the Fire […]

Christmas Competition 2016: Share a Salad This Christmas

Christmas has slid into our lives again with its seasonal accompaniment of warmth, community and yuletide spirits. Anyone will admit to the sheer exhilaration they feel upon tearing open gifts under the tree, however, the magical element of Christmas won’t be found beneath paper and sellotape – it’s found in […]

Sleep Better: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Snooze

‘Made With Sunshine’ is our motto when it comes to growing salad, however, the night time is just as important to us when it comes to well-being. Sleep should be held in the same height of importance as fitness and eating, however, it is a neglected and under-appreciated cycle by […]