Christmas Competition 2016: Share a Salad This Christmas

Christmas has slid into our lives again with its seasonal accompaniment of warmth, community and yuletide spirits. Anyone will admit to the sheer exhilaration they feel upon tearing open gifts under the tree, however, the magical element of Christmas won’t be found beneath paper and sellotape – it’s found in […]

Sleep Better: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Snooze

‘Made With Sunshine’ is our motto when it comes to growing salad, however, the night time is just as important to us when it comes to well-being. Sleep should be held in the same height of importance as fitness and eating, however, it is a neglected and under-appreciated cycle by […]

Sweet and Savoury Recipes: Florette's 'Swavoury' Month

At Florette, we love our home comforts and fresh, delicious simple recipes, but every now and then we like to experiment a little! This is why we’ve made sweet and savoury recipes or ‘Swavoury’ our theme for the month of November. So, what is ‘Swavoury’ you may ask? Well, it’s […]

Florette Halloween Competition: Florette's Top Horror Films on Netflix

It’s Halloween! Or Halloweekend, where the ghouls and ghosties of the underworld return to earth for a night of spooking, eating sweets and partying. But where on earth did this tradition materialise from? The Halloween holiday harks back to a Celtic tradition celebrated 2000 years ago by settlements in the UK, Ireland and Northern […]

Autumn Recipes: Warming Autumnal Salad Recipes

The autumnal equinox occurs every year on the 22, 23 or 24 September. It marks the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator which is a metaphoric line running across the sky parallel to the earth’s equator. In laymen’s terms, it means coats and wrapping up warm in preparation for […]

Quick and Easy Recipes: Meal Prep for Busy Lifestyles

In this day and age we seem to be busy all the time. People are working more and more under the ‘time is money’ ethos of our culture. Many people have taken up extra-curricular work and activities with the internet providing a useful tool for remote working. When you throw […]