Crazy Salad Ingredients You Never Thought To Use!

Salad is a terrific base harnessing the ability to mix incredibly well with an abundance of flavours. We’ve all heard of the classic chicken ceaser, greek salad and niçoise salad but how about something a little different? Here at Florette we’ve been mustering up some brilliantly unique flavours and ingredients which you […]

Summer Recipes: School Summer Holiday Roundup!

The School Summer holidays have kicked off, endless summer days of picnics, parks, getaways and activities lie ahead – it’s your job to keep your kids occupied and entertained until September. So how can you tick all the boxes whilst educating and teaching them new skills at the same time? […]

Strawberry Carpaccio with Lambs Lettuce & Ruby Chard

Wimbledon recipe roundup!

Pimm’s, big hats and racquets at the ready, Wimbledon is here! A staple moment of every British summer, Wimbledon is all about getting together to watch some classic sporting action with friends and family. We love the tennis here at Florette (come on, murray!) so thought we would share some […]

A Birthday Gift for the Queen

Being the Queen has its perks, but one of the shining privileges is having two birthdays in one year! We can let her off though, she is the Queen after all – on June 11th 2016 it’s the Queen’s Official 90th birthday and we’re joining in the frivolities. To celebrate […]

Why you need more wholegrains in your salad!

We all know that wholegrains are good for us. For instance, when it comes to our food, how often have we seen ‘brown=good’. So why is brown pasta better than white and are those extra minutes cooking up wholegrain rice really worth it? Well, salads are definitely good for you so why not […]