An open letter to Dracula

Dear Dracula! We hope you’re well and looking forward to Halloween – busy time of year for you after all. We’ve been having a little think about things and decided to get in touch with you through this open letter and see if you might consider a lifestyle change. When’s the last time […]

What are empty calories?

In recent years more and more people are beginning to put their health first and become more conscious about how many calories they consume each day. Although we may have a daily recommended limit of calories to stick to in order to maintain weight, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all calories are equal […]

The truth about fats!

Fat has gained itself a negative reputation, people tend to avoid fat as they associate it with well, getting ‘fat’, but it’s not as simple as that as there are different types of fat, yes some are bad but there are also good fats! Fats, that we as human being need in […]

Six things you didn’t know about lettuce!

The pillar of a classic tossed salad, lettuce is enjoyed the world over as a crunchy, salad staple that’s used as the foundation for a brilliantly healthy meal. But despite its everyday nature, lettuce has a few intriguing qualities which you may have previously overlooked! Ancient roots in history Believe […]

Healthy Tips for Busy People!

How is it already that late? Well, looks like there’s no time to cook, again! Sound familiar? If so, you’re one of millions who find it difficult to find the time to look after themselves whilst juggling work, life, families and hobbies. With life being so full of surprises and […]

Boxed up and beautiful! – Lunch Box Salad Ideas

Lunchtime is the everyday worker’s safe sanctuary, bringing them some hard-earned time to chill and eat something tasty. The problem is, fast food and pre-packaged sandwiches are all too easy to grab and run with, rather than something a little lighter and fresher. Well, we are big fans of healthy […]