Four Food Myths Debunked!

All carbs are bad! Carrots are grumpy! Microwaves are mind-control machines! Ok, so the last two we made up, but there are a lot of misconceptions about food out there, so we thought we could clear up a couple that get our goat just a little bit.   Carbs are […]

Taste Explosion! Bonfire Night Salad Recipes

This bonfire night we’re determined to get your evening off to a bang. Here are some fantastic recipes for you to enjoy this bonfire night! Spicy Saag Aloo with Spinach Leaves  Impress your guests this bonfire night by serving up our spicy saag aloo and watch their attention stay firmly […]

Quinoa – Quintessentially Awesome

Pronounced ‘keen-wa’, quinoa has recently been thrust into the limelight of health-food fans everywhere and was even recognised by the UN for its high nutrient content. That’s right! 2013 was officially the International Year of Quinoa, drawing attention to the role it plays in nutrition, food security and battling food […]

Green And Crispy! How To Keep Your Salad Fresh

Whether you’re making a light-lunch, seasonal supper or simply a super healthy snack, there’s nothing worse than preparing your meal only to discover that your salad has seen far better days. To get the most from a salad it’s crucial to keep our leafy green friends fresh or risk good […]