Green And Crispy! How To Keep Your Salad Fresh

Whether you’re making a light-lunch, seasonal supper or simply a super healthy snack, there’s nothing worse than preparing your meal only to discover that your salad has seen far better days. To get the most from a salad it’s crucial to keep our leafy green friends fresh or risk good […]

Vegetarian Salad Recipes

Now that summer’s in full swing, what better way to tantalise your taste buds than to try out one of our refreshing vegetarian salad recipes to get you in the feelgood mood. Perfect for a crisp light lunch, speedy snack or healthy dinner, give in to the power of the […]

Get Those Rays! The Health Benefits Of Sunlight

Ahh, you feel that? Sunshine! The weather has been really great recently (unless you’re at the North Pole in which case we apologise) and we have finally traded the coats and scarves for shades and shorts. It’s no secret that sunshine is a good thing. For one thing, without it […]

Chia Seeds, The Latest Superfood?

Chia seeds are the latest superfood to hit our shelves, packed with Omega 3, fibre, calcium and phosphorus. They are great for your digestion and hydrations and provide you with sustained energy. Chia seeds come from a flowering plant in the mint family that’s native to Mexico and Guatemala. Chai seeds […]