Quick and Easy Recipes: Meal Prep for Busy Lifestyles

In this day and age we seem to be busy all the time. People are working more and more under the ‘time is money’ ethos of our culture. Many people have taken up extra-curricular work and activities with the internet providing a useful tool for remote working. When you throw other responsibilities such as kids and caring into the mix, you’re left with a pretty slim slice of time for yourself. Prepping meals allows you to get adventurous in your day-to-day meals and ensures you’re getting a full and healthy diet. Read on to discover some quick and easy recipes.
Florette quick and easy recipes
It’s highly important to eat well throughout the day, being sure to get your breakfast, lunch and dinner fix. A full belly gives you heightened energy which inevitably improves your work output. Aside from the evening where you’ll have a little more time to cook your dinner, the meals throughout the day needs to be speedy, mobile and nutritious.
The ultimate quick fix is a smoothie. It’s literally a case of stuffing the ingredients into a nutribullet and whirring the flavours and textures together, this simple process makes it a particularly efficient recipe for those sleepy mornings. There are plenty of smoothie recipes in Florette’s recipe archive using our delicious salad.
Preparing your food also makes your day to day spending a little easier on the wallet; sandwiches, crisps and drinks doesn’t seem like a huge expense individually, but when totaled up after a month of buying it becomes clear how much cutting out last-minute spending could save. By cutting these down, you’ll also be ironing out the intake of artificial flavourings and sugars which dominate many meal deals. Preparing meals will give you a much better grasp on the sort of foods you’re eating too.
Check out a couple of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas below from Florette’s wide array of recipes:


Kale, Blueberry & Granola Smoothie Bowl
Baby Kale Breakfast Smoothie
Avacado & Egg Salad Toast


Baby Kale & Aubergine Bruscetta 
Courgette, Peppercress and Ricotta Soup
Quinoa Salad with Broccoli & Asparagus


Grilled Turkey Breast & Clementine Salad
Quick Tuna Nicoise Salad 
King Prawn Linguine with Rocket Leaves