Sizzling BBQ Salad Recipes

Summer is finally here (more or less) and that means only one thing – BBQ season! We’ve put together some of the most scorching salads around for you to serve up to friends and family whilst kicking back under the lovely summer sun.
Here we go!

Baby Kale, Pea & Gruyere Dip »

To get things started why not start off with a dip! No, we aren’t talking about a toe in the pool, but pitta bread or carrots in a lovely baby kale, pea and gruyere dip instead. This is much tastier, healthier and better all-round than the usual shop bought stuff, but don’t take our word for it – have a go yourself. All you need is a few ingredients, a blender and a nice patch of grass to sit on.

Ukrainian Coleslaw Salad with Sweet Crispy Leaves »

No BBQ is complete without coleslaw! Our Ukrainian ‘slaw with sweet crispy leaves is a wonderfully crunchy and refreshing salad that compliments whatever you grill just perfectly. The light natural yogurt and mayonnaise give a crisp, freshness whilst an added sprinkling of paprika over the top throws in a final fiery zing.

Spicy Sweet Potato Salad »

At any given BBQ you’re likely to find an obligatory mayo-laden potato salad. Why not buck the traditional trend and offer friends, family and guests a more vibrant and memorable dish. Bursting with fresh Moroccan flavours our Spicy Sweet Potato salad is made with nutty quinoa, crunchy cashews and a cooling refreshing tahini sauce.