Summer Recipes: School Summer Holiday Roundup!

The School Summer holidays have kicked off, endless summer days of picnics, parks, getaways and activities lie ahead – it’s your job to keep your kids occupied and entertained until September. So how can you tick all the boxes whilst educating and teaching them new skills at the same time? Have you thought about getting them involved in cooking and creating some lovely dishes? You’ll need to be prepared for snacking on your adventures throughout the six weeks, we’ve rounded up some delicious recipes which are tasty, healthy and fun!

The perfect picnic dish

Baby kale, pea and gruyere dip
On a beautiful British Summer day, there’s nothing better than taking a stroll with a picnic basket and tucking into a lunch in the sun. You’re going to need a dipping centrepiece to your picnic, this particular recipe is a healthy alternative to the traditional nachos and salsa pairing providing your kids with some incredibly nutritious Baby Kale and garden peas.

Awesome British fruit twist

Strawberry Carpaccio with Lambs Lettuce & Ruby Chard
A perfect partner to the glorious British Summer is a burst of fruity strawberry, you’ll be able to provide this in a fashion which incorporates your kid’s greens as well. This mixture creates an immense flavour, combining the fresh and delicious strawberries with the sweetness of the lambs lettuce and the earthy ruby chard. Lap this up with the kiddies as part of a picnic or on one of your many outdoor activities!
Note: just be sure to leave out the chilled glass of champagne on this recipe, or pour one for yourself.

Get set for your Summer adventures

eggs on toast
Breakfast is an important part of the day to be set up for work and school, but it’s equally as important for playtime too. This wholesome starter to the day will provide your little ones with much needed nutrients for an active day ahead – the tasty and hearty blend of eggs and avocado spread on a beautiful slice of rustic bread makes for an awesome booster to get the day off to a flying start.
Note: Perhaps go a little easy on the mustard or cut it out entirely.

The Superfood Summer Cooler

Superfood blueberry smoothie
Those long summer days are going to eat up the energy and dehydrate your kids especially in the height of activity day to day. Why not serve them up a cooling and healthy kick in one go? This tasty concoction carries the terrific taste of blueberry but throws in superfood simultaneously. This is a speedy recipe which can be whipped up and blended in no time at all too!