Super Nutrition: Florette Healthy Salad Recipes

In celebration of Florette Super Nutrition Month, we’ve decided to breakdown our most nutritious salad recipes featuring on the site. Salad holds a plethora of nutritional qualities in their leaves making it the perfect and handy base/side for anybody looking to boost their volume and scope of healthy meals. Check out the wealth of recipes below all bursting with flavour, nutrition and variety to get you started.

Superfood Salad with Seared Tuna Recipe

Take your nutrition into overdrive with this delicious recipe. First of all a bed of Florette Crispy Salad and Florette Baby Spinach provides you with a rich source of calcium, iron and essential fatty acids thanks to the inclusion of Lamb’s Lettuce in the Crispy mix. Once mixed beans and brazil nuts are added to the dish you’ve got yourself an amazing nutritious mix! Not only does this recipe provide you with a full dish comprised of various nutritional ingredients, but it also guides you through how to make a complimentary salad dressing born out of a delectable concoction of chilli, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.

Spicy Sweet Potato Salad with Quinoa Recipe

The spicy sweet potato salad and quinoa recipe makes use of Florette Spinach and allows it to mix with a wealth of Moroccan spices, cashew nuts and quinoa. Sweet potato sits at the centre of this delicious dish offering a huge burst of Vitamin C and A which aids vision and bones; it also provides a fantastic consistency which pulls the variation of ingredients together nicely. The addition of cashew nuts brings a whole bunch of further benefits to the plate – cashew nuts contributes to good heart health as well as aiding healthy bones.

Superfood Salad with Baby Kale Recipe

This superfood salad earns its title with the inclusion of Florette’s Baby Kale bag which packs a nutritional punch. Kale leaves are full of iron and antioxidants which are essential to your well-being whilst being incredibly low in calories. When mixed with edamame beans, blueberries, avocado, nuts and seeds you’re left with a recipe bursting with nutritional benefits. Check out a short recipe video below:

Avocado & Egg Salad on Toast

This recipe collides the two ingredients of avocado and egg to make an excellent topping and spread for your toast, the dish is heightened further by the influence of mustard and zesty lemon juice. Avocado is a widely celebrated nutritional ingredient; potassium is locked into the soft and creamy center along with a great amount of ‘good’ and heart-healthy fatty acids (in other words monounsaturated fat). Simple, delicious and delightfully nutritious!

Very Green Smoothie

Make use of Florette’s brand new Superfood Smoothie mix in this speedy and delicious recipe! As well as the wealth of healthy leaves, dried fruits and seeds which make up our mix, the likes of avocado, apple and almond milk are added to create a smooth and creamy consistency. Almond milk offers a fantastic burst of minerals including calcium, zinc, magnesium and phosphorous. Check out the nutritional breakdown of our new Florette Smoothie Mixes here.