Take It Easy! 6 Simple Stress Relief Tips

stressfreeWait! Stop! Put down the potted plant – it’s not its fault! We all get stressed sometimes, it’s a part of normal life, but instead of smashing the nearest thing in sight (which to be fair can be satisfying but not too productive) we can find other ways to channel those feelings. That way you can feel better, take control of the situation and not out yourself as a maniac.
So if you’re feeling the pressure, take a deep breath and try out one of the following stress relief tips:

Just walk away

Easier said than done especially when the matter is pressing, but taking a step back, even if for a minute or two can make a difference. Go and make a cup of tea, step outside and walk around for two minutes – you aren’t in denial, just taking a moment to think and when you get back you might see things differently.


Don’t keep it inside or you’ll explode! Talk it out with a friend or colleague and they will most likely give you a perspective that might help, or at the very least some friendly advice. Sometimes a good rant is all it takes, and after you’ve laid it all out you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

Write a letter to no one

If there’s no one around to talk to, write it down instead! Getting your thoughts out and down onto paper or screen is a great way to let off some steam. The best part here is that since you aren’t talking to a person, you can really let loose and let the fury fly!

Eat something tasty

It’s no secret that good food makes us feel better, so the next time you feel the prickles of stress creeping in, treat yourself to something tasty instead. Don’t take this as an excuse to eat a kilo of chocolate, but do find a healthy snack which can help regulate blood sugar levels, which affects your mood. Fruits and salads are a good option because they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and the simple act of preparing them can be surprisingly therapeutic.

Get moving

If you’ve had a horrible day, or feel like things are getting on top of you, get out there and exercise! Once you get going, your body will produce all kinds of endorphins and natural chemicals that promote wellbeing and make us feel a whole lot better.

Music matters

Sometimes all it takes is our favourite music to take us away from the moment and calm us down! Whether you’re plugging in ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or a spot of Beethoven, some inspirational music can really make the difference and relax your mind. So there you have it. Of course these are just a few of our suggestions; after all everyone relaxes their own way, but what we want you to remember is that it’s not all bad! Smile and be happy.