Tips for making a classic Caesar salad

The classic Caesar is a legend in its own right; crunchy, salty and creamy, it has all the credentials to make it a true gastronomic heavyweight. Whilst it’s not the most complicated salad out there, it does have a number of ingredients so there is room for error. Well, fear not, for here are some tips on keeping your Caesar at the top of its game!

Baby kale caesar salad with grilled chicken
1) THE LEAVES: What is a salad without its leaves!? When we’re talking Caesar, romaine lettuce is an absolute essential. You may make an authentic dressing but without the bright crunchiness of romaine, your salad will never reach its emperor-like potential. Put your leaves into cold water before you make your salad in order to crisp them up and get rid of any added dirt that’s lingering around.
2) GETTING THE DRESSING RIGHT: When you consider how many different ingredients go into a Caesar dressing it’s no surprise why it tastes so good! When strong, bold flavours like Worcestershire sauce, anchovies, mustard and salt come into play, balancing them properly becomes crucial.
3) ADD SOME CRUNCH: The romaine lettuce already gives the salad a satisfying crispy texture but with the addition of croutons and crispy prosciutto or bacon, that crisp turns into a hearty crunch. Always use good quality croutons, whether these are shop bought or made at home. Making your own can be done in minutes, simply cube up some good quality, thick bread, drizzle with olive oil and bake in the oven.
4) MAKE THE PARMESAN COUNT: Italians stand by the rich and delicious qualities of parmesan cheese, only settling for the best quality they can get their hands on. Whilst you don’t have to go to lengths to source something really special, look for something in the shop that’s aged for around 24 months to make sure you get that distinct sharp flavour.
5) MIX IT WELL: It’s important that you make sure to properly dry your lettuce leaves before mixing with the dressing. Failing to do this will result in the dressing not sticking to the leaves, leaving you with a pool of creamy dressing at the bottom of your salad bowl! For best results pour a little bit of dressing in at a time and gradually stir, making sure each leaf and crouton gets their fair share.
6) PRESENTATION IS KEY: You’ve put in all the legwork to source, mix and cook quality ingredients, so now’s your chance to make your salad looks Michelin star quality. Break your romaine lettuce into long leaves and place them elongated on a large plate. Scatter your toppings over, drizzle an even spread of the dressing and for a final touch, nestle half a glistening soft-boiled egg in the middle of the salad– the perfect touch.
So there you have it! If you want to have a crack at whipping up a cracking Caesar, check out our Caesar salad recipes and get going! In a hurry? No problem – we’ve done the hard work for you! Keep an eye out for this bagged beauty in the supermarket and crunch along with the best of ‘em.