Autumn Recipes: Warming Autumnal Salad Recipes

The autumnal equinox occurs every year on the 22, 23 or 24 September. It marks the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator which is a metaphoric line running across the sky parallel to the earth’s equator. In laymen’s terms, it means coats and wrapping up warm in preparation for Halloween, bonfires and leafy walks in the park.  Autumn is a beautiful time of year providing us with stunning natural vistas and excuses to indulge in our warm and toasty comforts – blankets, hot chocolate and nights in.
Thaw the incoming chill with this sublime selection of warming salad treats.

Baby Kale, Butterbean & Orange Soup

What could be better than tucking into a soup at the end of a cold Autumn day? Not only does this concoction reflect the beautiful autumnal scenery in its orange tones, but it also provides a wealth of warming ingredients such as chilli and cinnamon. The broth finds a beautiful range of flavours collide along with the mingling textures – the soup base is paired with hearty bites of butterbeans and healthy strands of healthy Florette kale. Check out the video below to witness the recipe coming to life.

Healthy Massaman Chicken Curry

Curry is often considered to be a treat at the weekend or a Friday night, however, this version has a healthy twist with its fresh ingredients and addition of Florette spinach and rocket. The beautiful gentle spice made up of chilli, ginger and peppers runs through the creamy curry which is made even smoother with silky coconut milk.
Florette Autumn Recipes

Smoked Salmon & Chilli Avocado

This terrific dish is ideal for a lunchtime or brunch snack before a brisk Autumn walk. This method guides you through how to create an indulgent chilli avocado spread which offers the perfect warming answer to the surrounding cold. The addition of smoked salmon and Florette salad leaves in the mix makes this a very special dish indeed.

Chimichurri Sauce with Peppercress Leaves

Find out how to serve up this rich and indulgent sauce which derives from Argentinian and Uruguayan cuisine. Comprised of chilli, garlic and peppercress, this seasoning is an enticing fix especially with the inclusion of red wine vinegar. This blend pairs beautifully with steaks, rich meats or simply as a dressing  for your salad.
Autumn Recipes - Chimmichurri Sauce
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