Merry Crispy Salad

Florette Merry Crispy

A Christmas themed version of our best-selling product Classic Crispy comes complete with a voucher for money off your next purchase off any Florette product!


A delicious mix of strong and crunchy radicchio, delicate lambs lettuce and crisp frisée. This trio of leaves is widely loved for its bright colours, punchy flavour and crispy texture.

What’s your flavourette? Do you prefer the stronger flavours in Merry Crispy, or the milder new Sweet Crispy Mix?


Perfect for Christmas Buffets, the basis of a main meal, a tasty accompaniment or for adding crunch to a wrap.

Merry Crispy is a versatile mix, ideal to complement a variety of meal occasions.

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Serving Size

170g serves 2 platefuls or 4 sides or 6 handfuls