Classic Crispy Resealable

Florette Classic Crispy

Our best seller for 30 years! Characteristics The vibrant red sturdy radicchio compliments the delicate lamb’s lettuce and crispy frisée. This trio of leaves is widely loved for its bright colours, punchy flavour and crispy texture. Usage Our popular Classic Crispy is a versatile mix, ideal to complement a variety […]

Florette Power of Plants Spinach & Kale Mix

A nutritious mild mix of baby spinach, baby chard, baby kale and carrot. For every pack purchased, Florette will donate 3p to Diabetes UK or 3c to Diabetes Ireland. Characteristics High in Vitamin A & K, Source of Fibre & Vitamin C. Usage Ideal for starters, main meals and accompaniments. […]

Florette Winter Mix

A selection of beautiful red and green leaves and vegetables to freshen up winter meals. Characteristics A colourful mix of mild and tender baby red lettuce, ruby chard, spinach and crunchy vegetables, beetroot and carrot. Usage Ideal for starters, main meals and accompaniments. Serving Size 110g serves 2 platefuls or […]

Florette Baby Leaf and Rocket Salad Bag

Florette Baby Leaf & Rocket

A mix of carefully selected young leaves. Characteristics Subtle nutty spinach, crunchy red romaine, peppery wild rocket, delicate lambs lettuce, earthy ruby chard. Usage Highly popular for garnish and premium salads. Serving Size 80g serves 2 x platefuls or 4 x sides or 6 x handfuls.

Florette Leafy Rocket Salad Bag

Florette Leafy Rocket

A vibrant mix of premium baby leaves and versatile escarole. Characteristics Peppery rocket with earthy chard and succulent spinach accompanied by slightly nutty escarole. Usage Ideal for starters, main meals and accompaniments. Serving Size 140g serves 2 platefuls or 4 sides or 6 handfuls. Also available in 450g.

Florette Power of Plants Rocket & Kale Salad

Versatile mix of peppery & tender leaves and beetroot. Characteristics A peppery mix of rocket & peppercress with mild spinach and baby kale, sweet earthy beetroot. Usage Ideal for garnish, starters, main meals and accompaniments. Serving Size 120g serves 2 platefuls 4 sides or 6 handfuls.