Food Waste & Sustainability Objectives

We are consistently aware and fighting to lower our impact on the environment and have set sustainability objectives to work towards this year. We aim to reduce electricity use, water use and significantly lower our waste to landfill.

Another big problem our society brings to the environment is food waste.

Food waste contributes significantly to deforestation and global warming – the more food wasted, the more food packaging wasted. It’s as simple as that. Working to reduce food waste is a win-win situation. Not only does it help out our beautiful planet but it also helps to lower shopping expenses. Back in 2015, Florette made a move towards reducing this problem.

You salad lovers have probably become familiar with the small icons that populate our salad bags, these ‘servicons’ allow our customers to purchase Florette products whilst being conscious of quantity; a great purchasing habit to have when aiming to reduce food waste.

The ‘servicons’ indicate how much you can expect to get from each salad bag size whether it be a plateful suitable for a meal-for-one or a few sides enough for a family dinner. Check them out below.