Take a scroll through our fantastic range of healthy smoothie recipes all using fresh Florette salad at their heart.

Fruit and veg is packed with incredible fibre which allows our digestive system to be regulated and remain in working order. A great way of getting a hefty dose of fruity and veggie goodness is in the form of a smoothie. There are thousands of combinations to discover whether you’re looking for superb flavour, a nutrition hit or looking to experiment with new styles of food and drink.

There’s so much potential for flavoursome concoctions it’s impossible to get bored! Especially with our brand new Smoothie Mix bags. These bags form the base to your smoothie and come alive in the presence of other ingredients and juices of your choice. Read on to discover your new favourite smoothie flavours and ingredients. Find out about the nutrition and benefits behind our healthy smoothies and discover more healthy recipes across our wide salad recipes categories!

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