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We love coming up with new and inventive salad recipes but we also love seeing what you can come up with! Yes, the following creations have been made and submitted by you – each and every one absolutely delicious, but what else could we expect from fans of Florette! Use this space to let your culinary creativity run wild – if you fancy sharing a healthy recipe, a spicy recipe, a twist on a classic recipe, a crazy recipe then share it with us here. We’re growing this section at the moment but as you can see from the recipes below, there’s already a strong foundation building. Join the community and have your recipe feature on this creative hub brimming with ideas. Just look at the delicious method behind Duck & Goats Cheese Salad and the pairing of smoky flavours with fresh salad leaves in the Leafy Pesto Salad with Chorizo Slices. Yum!

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