Beetroot Margarita Cocktail

Beetroot Margaritas

Drink your vegetables at happy hour with these beetroot margaritas, also known as “margabeetas.” These cocktails get their gorgeous pink hue naturally from inherently sweet beetroot juice. You can buy the juice in the chilled section of most grocery stores or juice your own at home using our naturally tasty Florette Beetroot or Baby Beetroot.


1 hour to chill the syrup

10 minutes to prepare the drink


Beetroot Margarita Cocktail Ingredients

  • 240ml/8floz Tequila, chilled
  • 240ml/8floz beetroot juice, chilled
  • 120ml/4floz lime juice, plus 1 lime wedge
  • 60ml/2floz triple sec
  • 2 tablespoons simple syrup (see recipe)
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • Ice cubes


Simple Syrup

  1. Bring 240ml/8floz sugar and 240ml/8floz of water to boil in a medium saucepan
  2. Stir frequently to dissolve the sugar.
  3. Let cool for 30 minutes and then refrigerate until cold, at least 1 hour.


  1. Combine tequila, beetroot juice, lime juice and triple sec in a large jug.
  2. Once syrup is cool, add this to the ingredients too and stir.
  3. Place salt on a small plate.
  4. Rub the rims of 6 glasses with the lime wedge.
  5. Dip the rims of the glasses in the salt.
  6. Fill the glasses with ice, pour over the Margarita Mix and enjoy responsibly!