Florette’s unique packaging is cleverly designed to serve and help you to buy the right amount of salad!

Last year, research informed us that you salad lovers didn’t like seeing the last little bit of salad go to waste at the end of a bag. We listened and adjusted our bags to your needs!

We introduced slightly smaller bags with a fresh new look to accommodate the amount you folks ate up before the expiry date. We even added ‘Made With Sunshine’ to our logo, one of the most treasured qualities which we work to make present in every Florette bag you pick up.

These new sizes are built to have just the right amount of salad inside. You may be thinking “what is the right amount of salad?” Of course, this question changes depending on the purpose of your purchase – sometimes you’ll only want a handful as a spot of lunch, a plateful for dinner guests or a side plate size for an accompaniment to your meal.

Well, we’ve supplied the answer to that question with an easy-to-follow guide on the front of our packs. You’ll find some helpful little pictures which indicate how much lovely salad is supplied in each bag. We’ve called these “servicons” which you’ll be able to check out in full below.

Less waste means a happier planet and cheaper bags means happier purses!

Our ‘servicons’ look like this…