SecretSalad winners

Our SecretSalad winners and their recipes

• Peanut and peppercress open sandwich by Lisa Thomas
• Refreshing savoury ice cream by Sophie Mayer
• Rocket & avocado dip by Alison Thackery
• Healthy massaman curry  by Sam Soulsby
• Almond and rocket dip with parma ham by Natalie Cureton
• Honey & cashew nut ice cream with chopped rocket by Phil Franks
• Lime and watercress cheesecake by Tracey Ashburn
• Scarlet surprise Pavlova by Carlene McConnachie
• Strawberry & peppercress crème brulee by Laura Marshall
•  Spicy peppercress chocolate by Lara Hollond
Congratulations to our lucky winners who as well as winning some super foodie prizes, will also have their recipes made by our very own chef, Naomi and have them professionally photographed. You’ll be able to see them soon on our recipe section.