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Florette Sweet and Crunchy Salad Bag

Florette Sweet & Crunchy

A mix of crunchy lettuce leaves and sweet crunchy vegetables. Characteristics Sweet Iceberg and green romaine with spiky frisée and crunchy sweet carrot and cabbage shreds. Usage Ideal for starters, main meals and accompaniments. Serving Size 250g serves 2 platefuls or 4 sides or 6 handfuls. Also available in 200g.

Florette Classic Salad

A mix of Iceberg and crunchy vegetables with cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Characteristics Sweet and juicy iceberg, crunchy carrot and white cabbage, sweet tomatoes and cucumber. Usage Ideal as a side accompaniment or as part of a main meal. Serving Size 160g serves 1 plateful or 2 sides.